Pop Upright Piano

M I D I P I R A T E S  –  “Pop Upright Piano”


For Yamaha Genos, Tyros 5, S970 and S770

With great love to detail we sampled a wonderful Yamaha LU201c Upright Piano.

To be honest, it’s a beast. It’s the loudest an most brilliant Upright Piano we have heard so far, what makes it so powerful for use in Pop Music playing and production. With a special combination of close and room microphone technique we achieved a recording that unifies the character of an Upright with the full body and brilliance of a Grand Piano.
With a maximum 320 MB of Samples and 15 Voices it is still reasonably sized for your Flash-Memory equipped Keyboard and will give you plenty of fun on stage, in the studio or simply practicing – but also for midrange Keyboards like the S770 we have a smaller version that upgrades your product to top level – sound quality.



We hope you enjoy our M I D I P I R A T E S  Pop Upright Piano!

For more Detail please see the Pop Upright Piano Packlist Tyros & S-Series